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As Ormand says "Supervision needs to provide a model of the setting which supervisees need to create for their clients (2011).

I have been practicing as clinical supervisor for over 7 years. I offer supervision to both trainee and qualified counsellors from a range of therapeutic backgrounds as well as those in related fields.  

My role as the supervisor is to model good practice and demonstrate the working application of the ethical framework as well as to create a safe space for the supervisee where they can honestly and openly discuss and reflect on their work with clients. 

My model of supervision is the necessity to foster the relationship between Supervisor and Supervisee, whereby both parties are fully able to bring themselves.  I offer unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy to all supervisees.  I bring myself fully to the relationship and encourage authenticity in others.  I also integrate my experience as a counsellor as well as my previous work history into my role as a supervisor.  

I offer Individual are £50 for 60 minutes. Please get in touch if you are looking for Supervision for your work setting.


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