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What qualifications do I have?

I have an BACP accredited advanced diploma in humanistic counselling, I am a registered and accredited member of the BACP, a degree in Psychology with Social Science (BA HONS), a post graduate diploma in supervision,

How many sessions should I have?

I believe you are the best person to know how many sessions you should have.  I offer flexibility and I am able to offer short and long term work.  


How much will it cost?

Counselling £50 per session,

Supervision £50 per hour and £75 for 90 minutes

Where do we meet?

I work in person and via Zoom and phone from a dedicated office in Inverness.

What does confidentiality mean? 

What we talk about during sessions is kept between us.  If I feel you or someone you are talking about are in danger I will need to break confidentiality and will talk to you about this. 


What can i expect in my first session?

During the first session I like to take a brief history to gain a sense of your life.  I may ask a few more questions than in subsequent sessions.  I will answer any questions you may have about counselling, myself and confidentiality.


What can counselling help?

Counselling can help when dealing with the many different challenges life can throw at us, with problems in relationships, from past trauma, with depression and anxiety, with trusting people and with grieving. By finding a safe and supportive space you can explore your feelings in a non judgemental way at your own pace. 

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